Exploring the Unexplored Avenues of Life

10 tips to jumpstart life post lockdown….

Life after the lockdown is not the beginning of a new chapter but a new book all together if you have really understood life from a different ground reality past 40 days….

  1. Slow down – do not rush hereinafter, trust in the process of life and do one thing at a time and take one day at a time, remember direction of a journey is more important than the speed of it.
  2. Prioritize family relationship – it is all about love, push family and friends to the top of the list than work and money, spend valuable time with your aging parents and growing kids, it is worth saving relationships than wealth.
  3. Healthy lifestyle – it is proved that your personal lifestyle makes you healthy than gyms and fitness centres, design your own home workouts than spending lots of bucks on your cuts and shapes. Forget not to make personal and social hygiene a part of your life
  4. Less is more – life is possible with the minimum, do not stack clothes, gadgets, cosmetics, expensive things, etc. buy and keep what you need but not what you want,
  5. God is love – Where there is love there is God, make your family or home a place of worship… find God in you and you in everyone just because God is love!
  6. Healthy diet – Eat what you need and what makes you healthy, and do not waste food, when you throw your left over remember that you are stealing somebody’s food.
  7. Continue your service to humanity – Do not stop serving the needy, make a point that you share what you have with those who do not have even the least of what is with you. Forget not humanity is meaningfully interdependent.
  8. Nurture nature – Care for nature every day, it is the duty of every son and daughter to care for our mother. Begin your bond with her, starting from your garden to the parks nearby…
  9. Acknowledge the real heroes – now that we have learnt that entertainers are mere entertainers begin appreciating and thanking the real heroes and heroines who clean your home, street, city, medical professionals, farmers, daily wage labourers, etc.
  10. Stay Positive – Life is so beautiful, it is just about the colour of the glass you see through. Use every second of your life fruitfully, joyfully, meaningfully and lovingly.

Be ready to receive the surprises…..

Secret No15 of Joy of Living

Secret No 15 to increase the joy of living is Love – the beginning and the end

Have you ever thought that you lead a joyful life just because of a prayer whispered by an unknown person? Have you seen tears of joy in your mother’s eyes? Have you had this experience of your friend coming behind and giving you a hug as a surprise gift? Have you ever celebrated yourself for the person you are? At the end of the day it is all about love. Where there is love there is freedom, where there is freedom there is growth, where there is growth there is prosperity and where there is prosperity there is a new life thus love heals. Love is not a mere emotion to be expressed or experienced but a virtue to live and let others live. Love knows no age, no gender, no wealth, no creed, no education but to will the best of the other. It is all about this one 4 lettered word that the whole world revolves around. Very often we forget this gift of love treasured within us and start searching for it around us. Remember that love begins with you, lives with you and ends with you. Though the definition of love is defined differently in diverse contexts the source of it is the same that is you. Start loving yourself, love the person you are and love the very qualities you possess, only then you will start witnessing love everywhere. Do not stop yourself in falling in love but learn to rise in love, rise in love beyond petty understandings of human thinking, reach out to the known and the unknown with an open heart offering a compassionate ground to be oneself. Start whispering this magic word love, let it be part of your breath, your thoughts, your words and actions. Let love be your kingdom, let love be your weapon, let love be your education, let love alone be your language. Let love live in our hearts, homes, countries and the world, just because GOD IS LOVE thus love heals!

Secret No14 of Joy of Living

Secret No 14 to increase the joy of living is serving each other – the spring of life.

Have you ever witnessed the smile of a pauper? Have you experienced the positive vibes from senior citizens while reaching them out giving company? Have seen the joy of poor children receiving surprising visits and gifts? Have you watched the change of mood in a distressed person when you lend your ears to listen? Dear friends life is beautiful and sometimes it is made beautiful by others. There are so many in the world left aside in need of human service. Very often serving is misconstrued as financial assistance to the underprivileged, volunteering in public services, distributing essentials to the needy at times of calamities, etc. The hidden truth of service is to be present to the person in need: a smile to a lonely person, a loving company to an aged person, words of love to a person abandoned, a gentle touch to a person isolated, precious time to a person feeling lonely, an act of tender loving care to a sick person, a listening ear to a distressed person, words of peace to an angry person and so forth are examples of service in day to day life. You don’t need to be rich to serve someone, it is far enough to have an open, loving, compassionate heart to provide service. It all begins at the place where you live, valuable time and kind words with aging parents, little acts of kindness to your family members, wilfully being present to a friend in anguish, teaching a mediocre person, helping the differently abled, and speaking words of love, respect and hope to persons in need at your surroundings are a few of many to start with. Remember you don’t need to serve the whole world at a go but do not fail to serve people in your own world of your everyday life. Today on consciously and joyfully offer little services to people around you and start seeing the ripple effect of it in and around you. Trust me a little act of service is going to make a big difference in everyone’s life.

Secret No13 of Joy of Living

Secret No 13 to increase the joy of living is Companionship with Nature: the true source of life

Have you ever smelled the odour of the early morning breeze? Have you gone on a barefoot walk in a lush green meadow? Have you wondered at the blend of colours of nature? Have you ever danced in the rain? Have you had this experience of missing the falls after a daylong shower in it?  Hope you had one experience at least basking in the sunshine on a seashore? Cool, the boost of a healthy life is nature. Life span of people living in the countryside, spending time with natural resources and eating organic food is ever been high. As science and technology progresses the use of natural resources regresses, resulting a high threat to nature, ending up in a very unhealthy lifestyle. Very recently people realise the impact of artificial quick living and gradually have started going back to the old system of using natural and organic resources. Dear friends nature has the true source of healthy living, we don’t need to go up to a mountain or a forest to spend time with nature but the early morning breeze, a friendly chat with the plants and flowers in your garden, dancing in the rain when seasons come, taking more organic food like vegetables and fruits, spending an evening walk in a nearby garden or a countryside walk, sitting under a tree, enjoying the colour of the nature, breathing fresh air max, and occasional visits to falls, bushes, mountains and country side would do a great good to your living. Trust me it not only has the power to increase the life span but also a healthy and happy living. Start nurturing nature, surround your home with plants either it be a flat or an individual home, grow fruits and vegetables, leave the windows of your home open to let the fresh air in, wherever possible plant a tree, gift people seed balls or plants, feed birds and together let’s make the world a happy place to live in.

Secret No12 of Joy of Living

Secret No 12 to increase the joy of living is staying healthy – the forgotten rhythm of life.

Have you ever thought of being younger always? Have you been to a gym and later dropped it? Do you fall sick quite often? Have you had this experience of starting work or study well and eventually losing interest of it? Do you have this difficulty of jumping out of the bed early morning? Life misses out balance! Sounds alarming right? Many a times we care about many things but not ourselves, or we care too much, that we care how we look but not how we are. Dear friends our self is made of body, mind and spirit to those of you agree. Catering to the needs of the three in a very balanced way results in a healthy living. Very often we care about our body but not mind or spirit, sometimes we care about our mind and body leaving behind spirit – in fact the above three are inter-twined, working together for the well-being of one self. Today on start caring for your body, mind and spirit – For your body: eat healthy to your need when hungry, drink plenty of water, and do physical exercises remember that shapes and cuts of the body do not determine your physical health; for your mind: read good books, do what makes you joyful, invest your energy in creative and productive measures, laugh, relax , have healthy conversations and be positive; For your spirit – sometimes it is understood in the context of religion but modern scientific study of energy has brought new meaning to it as a vibrational field, do meditation, practise mindfulness, participate in the universal love and energy and trust in the process of life. Trust me when you make the above a part of your daily schedule you will altogether feel anew every day, you will find purpose in your life and start feeling and sharing positive healing vibes. Let’s take care of our body, mind and spirit and participate in the universal healing.

Secret No11 of Joy of Living

Secret No 11 to increase the joy of living is Music – the catalyst of the soul

Have you had this experience of sliding into memories while listening to a song? Have you ever spoken to yourself keeping a piece of situational music in the background? Have you heard your heart speaking when you hear a song? Have you felt moved while watching a movie as the background score infiltrates your heart? Have you gone on a long ride with your favourite music on? Well music is a soulful companion to many I believe. It helps people to express feelings better. It is a language unspoken, emotion uncovered, diary unjudged, anchor untied and address unknown. Music is just not a human but made for all. It is just a discipline of sounds in endless variety. Unfortunately it is misconstrued as meant for those who know it, who learn it and who practise it, truly as many say it is a language of the soul meant for all. Scientific study claims that people who listen to music are happier, younger, have boosted EQ and IQ, have less stress, improved health, learning and memory, sleep better, heal quicker post-surgery, have less pain in life, and have better self-knowledge. Today on let music be part of your life, if you are a lover of it make it a choice of the conscience soulfully allowing to speak. If you are a novice to this experience be open to receive the gifts it has at your threshold. Very often we listen to music emotionally involved, slipping into memories or dreams, which is ok sometimes but let me reveal a new experience, try listening to music in silence, just journey with it as you would be with your friend without talking still feeling joyful, trust me it is going to be a healing, graceful and learning experience. Music has a lot to share, get ready… Let’s make music our companion and cherish the joy of living.

Secret No10 of Joy of Living

Secret No 10 to increase the joy of living is Journaling – the map of life

Have you seen the footprints of people in the seashore? Have you experienced the fragrance of flowers when you cross by? Have you had this experience of exploring a new way in a bushwalk? Have you ever spoken with yourself by looking into mirror? Cool journaling is a forgotten essential of life. Dear friends many of us have millions of untold stories, unheard episodes, unravelled gifts and unnoticed emotions welled up within oneself, thus we fail to see our real potential and live life to the fullest. Journaling that is writing your personal diary is the perfect platform to see who you are and who you ought to be. Journaling is nothing but bringing out your inner world to the spot light of yours for a better vision of life. Record your thoughts, feelings and deeds in your personal diary, periodically review it with able persons and try bringing in changes in life. You know, very often we fail to learn from our mistakes just because we think a lot, speak a lot and then forget at last. How many New Year resolutions we would have taken but how many of them had taken shape in life? Trust me, journaling will show you wonders in life, will show the way you are to travel and the person you ought to become. The benefits of journaling are a lot, to name a few, you will be able to process your thought, discern and decide well in life, see your own progress in life, relieve your negative emotions, move on in life smoothly through transitions, strengthen your mental health and definitely increase the joy of living. How would you feel when you look into an old photo album of yours? Imagine how it would be to see your old diary that speaks volumes of chapters of a great personality like you? Let’s start journaling and explore the unexplored avenues of life.

Secret No9 of Joy of Living

Secret no 9 to increase the joy of living is Friendship – the rainbow in the sky

Have you ever gazed the rendezvous of stars, moon, and planets in the sky? Have you witnessed a bee hovering over a flower? Have you seen the waves touching the shore on and off? Have you seen children throwing mud against each other, fighting and playing together? Leave it all have you ever realised the unnoticed joy sticking in a corner of your heart when you are with your friends? Well to some friendship is a signboard showing the way, to some it is a music to be cherished, to some it is a shadow that accompanies and to some it is everything. But Have you seen your friendship as a mirror, actually it is. A friend is a mirror who reflects you who you are. Friendship is a safe haven where you can be what you are without any mask. Unfortunately we define friendship as like-mindedness, a place I receive appreciation and love only, a platform to speak and do anything I like but still accepted and a resting space to retire whenever bored. Truly friendship is authentic, a place where I can commit a mistake but given space to rectify with due correction, between two or more persons with a difference of opinions but shared goals, shared values and shared benefits. Dear friends friendship makes life more beautiful. The quality of life primarily rests on the quality of your thoughts but the quality of your thoughts solely rests on the quality of your friendship.  It doesn’t matter if you have 100’s of friends but the quality of your friendship matters a lot. Many come in your life under the banner friendship but all do not stay all along and all who stay are not your friends but persons who speak ugly truth of yours than beautiful lies of life. If a person challenges you the most but still loves you more and more is who a friend be called. In simple terms a relationship that helps you to be a better version of yours is truly called friendship. Let’s start redefining and refining our  friendship and make life more beautiful.

Secret No8 of Joy of Living

Secret No 8 to increase the Joy of Living is Openness: the unopened door

Have you ever witnessed a bud blooming into a flower? Have you ever experienced the feeling of opening a wrapped gift? Have you experienced the butterflies in the stomach moments while waiting for some results? Have you been amazed by the twists and turns in a thriller? Have you seen people going to restaurants and try new dishes every time they visit? Well, the above questions portray life better I believe. Dear Friends life is a bundle of surprises, the more we are open the better we receive. Unfortunately, recent days we have become so narrow-minded that we want options but choose the same old used to option to be on the safer side. Somehow we are gradually slipping into our comfort zones and fear to take risks in life, we are educated not to take the extra mile but what others have done in the past, we are influenced to stay within the limits but not to wait for what new is arriving, in simple terms we hesitate to try something new in life. Dear friends Life has a lot to offer us in stock regrettably we block it through our narrow-mindedness, fixed mind-set, this novel phobia towards new change in life, anxiety of criticisms and failures and not trusting oneself. Today on break the shells of fear, anxiety and distrust. Start being open to life and receive in abundance joyfully and gracefully what it has at stock to offer you. Fear not to take risks in life, if something doesn’t work in life try something new, if it even doesn’t work try something else. If you feel that every way is blocked open a new way. Trust me openness is bringing you countless surprises provided you give way to it. Let’s open the door of openness and bring newness in life of ours and of others.

Secret No7 of Joy of Living

Secret No 7 to increase the joy of living is ‘Being You’ – the unwrapped gift of life

Have you ever noticed the beauty of your eyeballs, the shape of your nose, eyebrows, lips and the texture of your skin? Have you ever heard the sweetness of your voice? Or have you watched your non-verbal communication, the movement of your hands, shoulders, head, etc.? Have you ever cherished the fragrance of your goodness spread around you? I think you should take time off to do that, you would be wonderstruck how purposefully and meaningfully you are created. I mean what I say you are a piece of wonder. Very often in life we fail to be ourselves and always try becoming someone and thus we lose the magic of originality. Most of us create our identity in what others say or think about us, failing to realise that others certificate is not our brand but our own attitude. In order to win the approval of others we always try doing something or the other, failing to realise being does matter a lot than doing. We spend most of our life thinking and doing something to impress others and earn a good name. In process of doing it we lose to live our life and live a life for others thus losing the joy of living. Affirmation does matter in human development but creating our identity solely in it is alarming. Today on start living life for you and be you. If people appreciate or degrade you, be yourself. If you achieve or not, celebrate yourself for being you. Start building your self with good human qualities of love, kindness, generosity, respect and sincerity. Be truthful to yourself. Remember we are not here in the world to prove ourselves but to enjoy the joy of living; definitely there is a purpose of our life, explore it. You don’t need to be like a hero or heroine but be your hero or heroine. Let’s be ourselves and contribute uniquely to the healing of the world.

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